GSODA Junior Players

The GSODA Junior Players have been performing for the Geelong public since 1965 and is one of Australia’s longest operating youth theatre company’s.

The company comprises of young people aged up to 17 years and the group performs two musical productions per year; a major musical in June and a second smaller showcase-style production later in the year.

The Junior Players have performed in musicals and pantomimes and have even had musicals written for them! They have performed shows like Peter Pan, Wizard of OZ, Shrek the Musical (2018), Disney’s The Little Mermaid (2017), Disney’s High Scool Musical (2016), Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (2014) and many, many more.

Members of the GSODA Junior Players work hard during the school year to produce quality amateur productions to adoring crowds.

Members learn the many aspects of theatre craft through workshops and rehearsals with experienced and talented directors, choreographers, musical directors and singing coaches including:

  • Staging
  • Character development
  • Diction
  • Song
  • Dance (all styles, all genres)
  • Stagecraft elements such as costuming, set construction, lighting and sound.

GSODA prides itself on the development of its young members and empowers them through encouragement and personal development. Many of the Junior players over time have gone onto bigger and brighter experiences and recall their time with GSODA as one of their most rewarding.

How to Join the GSODA Junior Players
Membership into the GSODA Junior Players requires completion of at least one year of service in Workshop.

Workshop teaches basic theatre skills and allows children to experience first hand the processes employed in putting together a musical production. It also raises awareness of both children and parents of the committment required to be a member of the GSODA Junior Players.

Workshop participants are invited to autdition for the Junior Players once a vacancy exists. Because of the popularity of the GSODA Junior Players, an audition process is used to choose members of the workshop and a further audition is required to gain entry into the main company, although such attributes as behavior, discipline, attendance and attention to detail are also used as entrance criteria.

Membership fees and other costs are provided upon application.

To join or obtain more information about the GSODA Junior Players please click here.

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